Carla Copas
Carla Copas
Advanced Practice Nurse

A Personal Approach to Women's Healthcare

Many people are asking why I chose Finding Her Health for the name of my practice. The name was chosen because I have heard from my patients throughout my 15-year career that women are seeking healthcare that is not one size fits all. They are eager to learn about their body and improve their health. It is a journey and sometimes not easy - that’s why I chose Finding Her Health. Finding - because it can be very complex putting all of the pieces of your health together. Her - because I specialize in women’s health. Health - because I want my patients to feel healthier than they ever have. 

The most common concerns my patients have expressed to me are:

“I just don’t feel like myself”
It is important to note, when a woman doesn’t have a sense of well-being, there is something wrong, and this must be addressed. It is a myth that feeling badly is a normal part of aging.

“I’ve had my hormones checked but my healthcare provider says everything is normal”

We advise women not to ever stop seeking answers, because this usually means that a patient has not had all of the hormones and vitamin levels that balance us as women. With our integrated

approach, you will learn that there is so much more to hormones than just taking a pill.


“You are probably going to think I’m crazy, but….”

Most women have similar issues over time, that have been discounted and/or over looked. My goal is for you to feel comfortable enough to share anything with me, and know that I will understand, and assist you on this path to Finding Your Health! Patients should feel valued, validated, understood and cared for when they leave the office.